Saturday, July 12, 2014

LG Electronics and Their Air Conditioner Unit

One of major player in air conditioner manufacturer, LG Electronics, the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturer, introduced their vision and even their business strategy to survive in difficult years ahead at a press conference which held recently in Seoul, Korea.

As you know lately the company proudly announced a new business unit which is air conditioner. This new business unit was built to focus on customers and investors within many years ahead. The brand new unit allows this company to become far more aggressive within the worldwide HVAC market. LG’s Air Conditioner Company is going to concentrate solely in industrial as well as residential air conditioning.

The development of the independent air conditioner unit can certainly help LG ELECTRONICS develop over and above the industrial and residential business to become a greater player within the industrial and specific markets, offering complete HVAC deals optimized for either work and home conditions.

The business will certainly keep fine-tune its organization to respond better towards the fast changing air conditioner market. In addition to this, LG ELECTRONICS will certainly look for more opportunities for mutually valuable cooperation between sections inside the company while improving its target on BMS (building management solutions), residence networking and also renewable energy.


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